Summer Survey

Written on August 18, 2017 by jrizzoli

While the project’s development proceeds, we think it’s important to take a moment and get some feedback from our users. It has been decided to create a simple survey, instead of collecting on-device metrics, to help us improve LineageOS in the right direction without wasting resources on things that our userbase is not interested in.

The survey is really simple and we won’t collect any sensitive information.

We kindly ask you to be respectful of everyone: be honest and don’t take the survey more than one time, each one’s opinion is equally important.

The survey will be closed in two weeks’ time.


We’ve divided this survey into 5 topics:

  1. Apps
  2. Wallpapers
  3. Features
  4. Infrastructure
  5. Public relations

You can take the survey here below, and you can share it to your friends using this link:

We’re looking forward to see your answers!

The LineageOS team