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Understanding the different tools used during debugging

Android Debugging Crash Course

calendar_today October 10, 2023 person_outline Nicholas Lim (niclimcy) & Nolen Johnson (npjohnson)

Understanding the basics of SELinux

Working with SELinux on Android

calendar_today February 25, 2021 person_outline Aayush Gupta (theimpulson) & Nolen Johnson (npjohnson)

Deep dive into the "HD Audio: SBC" checkbox

Bluetooth SBC Dual Channel HD audio mode

calendar_today July 06, 2019 person_outline ValdikSS

Covering Qualcomm bootloader’s up to the point of Android being loaded

Qualcomm’s Chain of Trust

calendar_today September 17, 2018 person_outline Nolen Johnson (@npjohnson)

Understanding Android Telephony

Android Telephony Basics

calendar_today June 18, 2018 person_outline javelinanddart